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AM I KINDA CUTE - _____are you kinda cute?_____


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AGE: 21


THE MOST INTERESTING EVENT OF THE PAST WEEK: My Mother beat the piss out of me and then she got arrested for it because she was drinking. It was a civil argument until the cops came and took her.

3 SONGS/BANDS: Gretchen wilson-redneck woman
aerosmith- Pink
Steve miller - the joker

3 MOVIES: The last samurai , Butterfly effect , good will hunting

QUOTE SOMETHING:" The waves keep on crashing for some reason, but your love keeps on coming like a thunderbolt" -No doubt-

TALENTS: Well I have a pretty nice voice . I have been told i can sing. I can wrap my feet behind my head. thats about it.

INSTRUMENTS: I can play the keyboards fluently. I am learning how to play bass though.

ANIMALS: yep i like animals . I have 3 horses , 2 dogs and 4 cats.

COUNTRIES: United States, Italy , Egypt

MAKE ME LAUGH, OR AT LEAST SMILE:Well then i can tell you about my craziest adventure then. My friends and I were hanging out one night when we decided to go out to this dam in the middle of the country in the back woods of illinois. (thats where i use to live) . Well one of us got the stupid idea to go skinny dipping , so of course we all get in the buff and jump in.( middle of october by the way) Well we werent to smart because we knew how to get in but we really didn't even think about how we all planned to get out. So needless to say we are stuck so were swimming around freezing to death for about an hour or so freakin out thinking about how we plan to exit this damn. Well we found a way. His name was Sheriff Sholtz. Yes thats right my friends and i were caught buff naked on goverment property in a dam. well after he called a rescue team to get our naked asses out of the damn needless to say we all went for a ride that night in the little cruiser buff naked in towels because the officers saw no point in letting us get our clothes.

QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY IS THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISON, TRUE OR FALSE: False , Granted I know that some people like watching a bunch of gay men dress up straight men but i dont. I get enough of that at my mothers house . She is a lesbian and i can only take so much of her friends trying to make her look like a man . I do like the show i just dont think its the best show on tv.

POST AT LEAST 3 PICTURES. by the way these pics were taken when i just got up so i have no make up on and havent had a shower yet
IN MY HEART: deviousdevious
IN MY EARS: Its my life -bon jovi-
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Date:July 30th, 2004 06:55 pm (UTC)



3 horses!!!!!! your queer eye thing was great.

haha you're definitely accepted. help me promote, please??!
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